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PRE gives you energy and endurance for your workout! The base formula is the mixture of Adenine, Ribose, and Phosphate. These three ingredients are designed to create natural energy in all of the cells within the body. Studies have shown these ingredients increase cellular respiration and ATP production, which provide increased energy, stamina and enhanced mental focus.


(A) The A-Series consists of a well balanced formula of energy and strength building elements. This specific formula offers an instant boost and kick of lasting energy from our base formula. The A-Series uses Guarana which is rich in Antioxidants to help improve your mood, boost heart health and provide pain relief.


(B) The B-Series takes the same base formula from the A series but uses VegiSurge® to provide a natural energy boost, mental awareness and focus. Also in the B-Series there is a touch of Niacin, a light dose of Beta- Alanine and a punch of MCT Powder. The energy boost is refreshing to feel.


(C) The C-Series is a great non-stimulant energy formula. There is no caffeine as in the other formulas but with our TruLabs Base of Adenine, Ribose, and Phosphate you will still get the energy you need with the needed rest from caffeine.  This formula is a great energy delivery formula while giving the body time to cycle off stimulants.  (This formula is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.)


(D) The D-Series continues the momentum with a strong finish of natural boost from Guarana, which is rich in Antioxidants to help improve your mood, boost heart health and provide pain relief. This series includes a gram the amino acid of L-Taurine to give an extra kick of energy.


  • Clean Safe Energy
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Eliminates Workout Plateau
  • No Jitters
  • No Crash
  • 4 Constantly Varied Formulas
  • Individually Packed for Convenience
  • No Upset Stomach
  • Unbelievable Taste!
  • 20 Servings in each box
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